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sevenseize made a game

well done, very good. and I am proud of you <3

Magical-Zorse responds:

We're all proud of sevenseize

you should...

join my simpsons club in the NG BBS

Frenzy responds:

Cool, I probably will.

Did you like the movie? o.O

Thanks for the review!


Looks around

tutorials tutorials everywhere so lets all have a drink!
wow, after all these submissions about tutorials I think i just may step in and make one. LOL, well maybe not, but it was funny while it lasted. good work :)

bumcheekcity responds:

Thankyou. I considered making a tutorials Tutorial, but then I thought that'd just be taking the piss :D

Nice Tutorial

I always thought that if you edit your audio in flash itself, by moving the bar where you want the song to start, that it wont export the filesize of the whole song. Was i wrong? hmmm, which program do you recommend to cut my audio?

On the tutorial itself, its first rate and very unique. Good job!

bumcheekcity responds:

Audio can be cut using any Program. I have no particular faviourite: It's a choice matter.


you do know that the exp. required to get to the next rank will keep increasing as long as humantarget52 (the guy at level 30) keeps depositing.. so those numbers are already invalid.. other than that its great.. oh and btw.. there is already a flash on the levels, oh well.. good job though

Faithhammer responds:

Yes, so technically the numbers will only be valid for a day or so. And I got those numbers maybe 2 or 3 days ago, so by now they are off. BUt I want to keep it updated. I must have missed that other flash. I saw "NG ranks" and it didnt explain exp points. If there is another, I must have missed it. Tnx for the review :-)\

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